Vidal Candies achieves a double-digit increase of its turnover

Vidal Candies achieves a double-digit increase of its turnover

The company keeps up its constant international expansion and registers a sales growth of 11%, reaching 152 million euros

The year-end figures for 2018 have been the best in recent years for Vidal Candies, due to an increase of an 11% in its turnover. Thus, equating to a rise from 135 in 2017 to 152 million euros for 2018. The company is experiencing a strong and energetic growth focused on international markets. This is reflected in the opening of a new subsidiary in Japan, the last inauguration that joins those of South Korea and Australia & New Zealand, which began it roll out in 2017. Currently, Vidal brings to 15 the total number of subsidiaries distributed all over the globe and its products are present in 90 countries.

Last year's turnover figure, 152 million euros, is the highest to date and, according to the company's statement, is the result of "high management capacity and effort that draw a consolidated and ascending path in the market". Likewise, they add: "We are satisfied with our solid and incessant work, which is based on research, development, innovation and quality". These have been some of the essential components that have been presented in the latest report published by the London Stock Exchange Group, in which Vidal was included as one of the 1,000 companies with the greatest projection in Europe.

At Vidal, they are leaders in production processes. They have two production centres and a new logistics centre where they have the latest technology optimised to be the most efficient, in terms of manufacturing and distribution. Moreover, a fact that stands out is the increase in size of its workforce, which is composed of more than 1,200 workers, "the human team responsible for making the company beat strongly", they highlight.

All these factors position this sugar confectionery company from Murcia (Spain) as a global referent, that opens the path and creates a trend in the industry. Vidal expresses: "This sweet moment with sustained growth will persist during 2019. In the course of this year, we are developing new product launches, we are promoting original projects and we hope to continue expanding".