Vidal Candies sets the trend in the sugar confectionery sector

Vidal Candies sets the trend in the sugar confectionery sector

For decades, the Spanish company has influenced and revolutionised the industry worldwide with a leading commitment to R+D+I

Vidal Candies carries in his DNA the strength of innovation. The confectionery company has a powerful department of Research, Development and Innovation, which invests in the creation of pioneering and revolutionary products. Since its foundation in 1963, they have been setting trends and are identified in the sector as a synonym of quality. Some of the most recognisable products in the market have their origin in the laboratories from the Spanish company. Thus, manufacturers around the world imitate their references created in their facilities and have incorporated them among the essentials of their catalogues. These are some of the most renowned examples.

Teeth. Late in the 70s, Vidal launched their famous Teeth into the market. This foam-based product came in various colours and became one of the references that attracts the attention of every kind of audience.

Bricks. In Vidal they were pioneers in producing licorice candy in a continuous process, back in the 70s. Later, they created Bricks, an invention that was patented and is one of the favourite sweets by the most demanding palates.

Soft fruit. These are individually-wrapped delicious soft fruity flavoured candies. A classic in the company with its origin in 1987, being the first of this category in the market.

Melons. Born in 1977 in their facilities, these miniature melons with its characteristic aroma and sour or liquid filling, have accompanied consumers throughout the childhood.

Strawberries with cream. It is a reference for Vidal's candies and is part of their Jelly Filled brand, which was a revolutionary global innovation when it became the first filled candy on the market back in 1998.

Red Devils. This candy designed with a high level of detail representing the face of a devil combines sweet flavours with a spicy kick. This product was designed and manufactured in Vidal in 2008.

Footballs. It is the first dragee bubble gum which replicates a football was created by Vidal in 2013. Smash and Basketballs also join this bubble gum format, which are the products that represent the exact design of tennis balls and basketballs.

Dipper XL Raspberry. It was a revolution in the category of soft chewy candies. With its flat and elongated shape, intense raspberry flavour and tongue painter characteristic, it is one of the favourite treats amongst young consumers.

Vidal assigns a large part of its efforts to the processes of its wide range of products. In the company they are aware of the importance of constant innovation and what that entails. In this way, they point out: "We develop new products to meet market demand. We are pioneers, we are referents in the sector. Our R + D + I Department is one of our strongest and most stable pillars". The company in that way maintains the highest standards of quality in its references and that is why Vidal products are imitated all over the world.