Vidal receives the award for best exporting company at innobankia awards

Vidal receives the award for best exporting company at innobankia awards

The company is recognised for its excellent trajectory focused on international expansion. Their products can be found in more than 90 countries

In the second edition of InnoBankia Awards, organized by Bankia and La Opinión de Murcia, Vidal Candies was one of the distinguished companies within the manufacturing sector of the Region of Murcia. In this way, they have been recognised for their experience in exporting and their excellent work for reaching every corner of the globe. This award, chosen by a jury with wide experience in business, honours Vidal's strong commitment to expand beyond its borders in a very competitive environment such as the sugar confectionery sector.

“We want to sweeten the world. We want our products to be found anywhere and little by little we are achieving this goal. Last year we opened our new subsidiary in Japan, which joins those of South Korea and Australia & New Zealand, with which we began to roll out in 2017” emphasises Vidal. The company was founded in 1963 and a few years later, an expansion process began which continues today. At this moment, Vidal brings to 15 the total number of subsidiaries distributed worldwide and their products can be found in more than 90 countries. Vidal complies with the requirements to adapt to the market demands and has the most prestigious quality certificates. This highlights the daily commitment of the entire organisation and its efforts to achieve the highest quality standards, such as BRC (British Retailer Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).

“This award is an honour and serves as an encouragement to the more than 1.300 workers who shape Vidal today. The dedication and effort of each one of them has been fundamental to reach so many markets. This recognition gives us strength to continue supporting the growth of our region and our country, by committing ourselves to the society”, points out the company.

Vidal Candies Facts

The company has a production capacity of 75 million units per day and its catalogue of candies is one of the widest in the sugar confectionery sector. You will find various categories such as: jellies, liquorice, marshmallow, hard candy, chewy caramel and bubble gum.